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Encyclopaedia of Ancient Near Eastern Studies (RlA)


The Reallexikon in Figures

  • 15 volumes in 67 fascicles covering more than 8.700 pages
  • 9.421 articles and 3.508 cross references

Article Categories

3.789geographical names
3.661deity names
1.697proper names (mostly names of kings)
967articles on religion and culture
455articles on objects and realities
280articles on art
293articles on the discipline’s history
230articles on cuneiform law
155articles on fauna
110articles on flora

The longest Articles

Assyrienby Franz Heinrich Weißbach75 pages
Datenlistenby Arthur Ungnad65 pages
Maße und Gewichteby Marvin Powell63 pages

Prolific Writers

Erich Ebeling2.307 articlesone of the two original editors, contributing to the first three volumes articles of all categories
Manfred Krebernik1.302 articlescovering also almost all deities names from the letter L
Antoine Cavigneaux499 articlesMostly as co-author of Krebernik for deities names initials L
Dietz Otto Edzard424 articlesin various categories
Wilfred G. Lambert345 articlesmostly deities names
Heinrich Otten335 articleson Asia Minor
Eckhard Unger260 articleson Archaeology and Geography
Franz Heinrich Weißbach183 articleson Ancient Near Eastern History
Gernot Wilhelm174 articleson Asia Minor
Michael P. Streck155 articlesin various categories

From: Michael P. Streck: Von „A, Gottheit des Wassers“ bis „Zypresse“. Jahrhundertwerk abgeschlossen. In: Akademie Aktuell, Heft 1/2018